Course curriculum

    1. Course Welcome

    2. 01-01 Introduction

    3. 01-02 Terms of Enrollment Agreement

    1. 02-01 Pre-Design, Analysis & Viability Phase

    2. 02-02 How to Find Land

    3. 02-03 Smart Internet Searches

    4. 02-04 Rural vs Urban Development

    5. 02-05 Value of Driving a Neighborhood

    6. 02-06 Creating a High-Level Budget

    7. 02-07 Houston Exploratory Trip Case Study

    8. 02-08 Viability Phase Questions

    9. 02-09 Finding Land Questions

    1. 03-01 Land Acquisition Phase

    2. 03-02 Land Acquisition Questions

    1. 04-01 Financing Phase

    2. 04-02 Interview with a Mortgage Broker

    3. 04-03 Structuring Your Deal

    4. 04-04 Financing Questions

    1. 05-01 Design Phase Part 1

    2. 05-02 Design Phase Part 1 Case Studies

    3. 05-03 Design Phase Part 1 Questions

    1. 06-01 Design Phase Part 2 & Permit Application

    2. 06-02 Design Phase Part 2 Case Studies

    3. 06-03 Design Phase Part 2 Questions

About this course

  • 32 lessons
  • 11.5 hours of video content

What This Course Is About

FIND IT  ->  FUND IT  ->  PLAN IT  ->  BUILD IT !!

I believe that in the coming years Land Development and New Construction will be the 'Next Big Things' in Real Estate Investing, as investors find it more-and-more difficult to find Flips, BRRRRs, or cash flowing rentals.

Land Development might be the logical next step in your personal development. 


In this online course you will discover:

- How investors of all sizes can profit from Land Development

- How to locate, analyze and acquire a great parcel of land

- How to finance your projects

- How to structure your deals

- The details of the "Planning", "Design" and "Construction" Stages

- How to build a team of professionals

- How to complete small, medium and large projects

- How to get started in Land Development with smaller jobs

- The tricks to Rural vs. Urban development


There is a lot more to Land Development than you might think. It can take many forms, and be tailored to almost any budget. You just have to pick the Micro-Strategy that fits you best. 


This program will be transformational for you. No matter where you are starting from, and where you want to be financially and with your lifestyle, Land Development can be the bridge to get you there. You will have your 'A ha' moment where you will realize, "I can do this."


After taking this program, you will have the knowledge and confidence to go out and develop land profitably, even if you have never done anything like this before!


You will be empowered to start your own projects and I will be there right along with you. 

- You will be part of a Private Facebook group with students that have the same goals and interests as you (see the testimonials below to see the value of this network)

- I host regular Q&A zoom calls to ask questions & get you unstuck as you move ahead with your own projects

- You will receive a step-by-step guide, a checklist that will take you through the entire process to get you started on your own. It is like I am reaching through the computer, grabbing you by the hand and saying, "C'mon, let's go to City Hall today, talk to somebody in Planning and ask these questions." How empowering is that?


Learn from my journey. Let me save you dozens of hours and potentially tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in costly errors. You can do this!

If you would like further information please feel free to


with Darcy!


Students Taking Action !!

Capstone 6: Student Collaboration 

"This is fantastic!! A group of 6 students, taking action and, using the teachings of the course, got together and made an offer on a duplex plus a fourplex that they planned to tear down, change zoning & density and get ready to construct an apartment building on. BUT THEN they also got the fourplex next door under contract too AND are also negotiating to buy another fourplex beside that. When done they will be able to exchange all that for a 17 STORY TOWER!! How is that for the value of networking and the value of building a community? These are just ordinary investors. You can do this! The first video above talks about how the group got together and the second talks about the project itself."

Bartek M. 

"The course demystified the process of Land Development for us. To the point where my wife and I have purchased a tear-down property, and we plan to build Highest and Best Use there. Without Darcy's course we would never have had the confidence to do that. So I highly, highly, highly recommend the course. Update: Bartek has submitted plans to build a 15 unit property on the site."

Ali N. 

"It's a fantastic course. Darcy is a wealth of knowledge and he is so generous with sharing his knowledge. He gives you a ton of golden nuggets, tips and tricks that will save you a lot of time, money and headache. UPDATE: Ali now has several projects in the works."    

 Quentin D.

"Thank you for the course. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot.  There isn't very many courses on this topic around. So, I appreciate you putting it together and all of the great content that was available on the course. I highly recommend that people take this course."  

Shelley V.

"The material is easy to implement right away. Instead of looking at potential properties from a flipping or renovation perspective, I am now able to look at them from a development perspective. If you are looking for a really great foundational course on Land Development, I would highly recommend Darcy's course."

Chris P

"Your course is fantastic! This course was very comprehensive. As someone who was looking to become well versed in this area, I can say that this course met and exceeded my expectations.  I have yet to find another course as detailed as this on this topic.  Darcy brings real world examples to the table and presents facts based on experience. He provides a great blend of methodology and experience.   It’s not easy to find training where the theory is supported by real world examples with context.  The lists provided to go from A-to-Z on a project are excellent.  Thanks Darcy!"  

Loaei H.

"Your personal view and approach to real estate is unique and untraditional. You formulate simple and easy systems to help with the decision-making process in real estate. (for example, I love your expression 'out with the old and in with the new'). Also and most importantly, the checklists you have created. I really appreciate it. "

Trent S. 

"It's a privilege to be in your class, Darcy. The  extreme value add from your slide deck is worth more than I could express."

Elizabeth A. 

"I just wanted you to know that I have started with the course, and I am extremely impressed. This is what I have been looking for!!! Right from the introduction, I can tell that I will gain the required knowledge needed to begin undertaking land development projects. It is structured like an actual academic program, and I just love it! I am so happy I enrolled in your course. I cannot wait to consume all the material."

Kazi H. 

"Simply put, it has met over and above my expectations of a) gaining valuable knowledge on the course topics & materials, b) having regular Facebook/Zoom Sessions and c) personally answering our concerns and issues. I would recommend this to anyone who are looking to better understand the land development processes, projects, investment strategies, and getting the value for their money’s worth of valuable advice directly from you, Darcy! Much appreciated your coaching style and active engagement with us.”


Darcy Marler


Over the past 20 years, Darcy has personally owned over 90 properties with 240 'doors', worth over $44 million. In that time he has actively invested in every type of Residential Real Estate Strategy including Land Development, Land Assembly, New Construction, Condo Conversion, Long & Short Term Rentals, BRRRR and Fix-and-Flips. Darcy is also the author of 4 books on real estate investing and an online course on Land Development.